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At our Aspen, CO location, we provide compassionate grief and loss counseling services to individuals who are seeking support and healing during times of loss. Coping with grief can be an intense and complex process, but you don't have to face it alone. Our skilled therapists are here to offer guidance, understanding, and compassionate care.

Aspen Grief & Loss Counseling

The gift of Pathfinders lies in providing a 'Witness' to the pain and loss, and as a 'Guide' to help process the enormous range of emotions that come with grieving.


We also have a lovely program that we have developed to help you through this difficult time — GRIEF & HONOR. Click the link below to see if this program is something that feels right for you to try.


No matter what the circumstances, please contact us if you or someone you care for could use support.

At some point, we will all experience losing a loved one. When that happens, allowing a compassionate, supportive person to help you through the process can be a gift beyond value.


When someone we love dies, we are often left, not only sad and lonely, but with a wide range of emotions churning around inside. That is when it is vital to have someone emotionally uninvolved in the loss, available to help process and allow the space for whatever feelings arise while not attempting to change the way we feel.


Join us for powerful, effective tools, compassion and support

to help you navigate this difficult journey.

Serving the Roaring Fork Valley

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Contact: Allison 970-925-1226 for information, locations and times

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303E Aspen Airport Business Center

Aspen, CO 81611



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