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While Pathfinders was founded to address the needs of cancer patients, caregivers and their families, the program has expanded to offer support around all forms of grief and loss as well. The Roaring Fork Valley experiences many losses each year and these impact our lives deeply. With our Grief Support, we offer a safe place for loved ones to grieve, process, and hopefully come to a place of honoring the one they lost.


We assist at any stage of illness — from first diagnosis into survivorship, end-of-life, and bereavement.


It is never too late to call Pathfinders.


While many patients find our program helpful during their treatment or illness, many find that the transition into survivorship is the most difficult. Others need extra help as they navigate their end-of-life process.


Our Patient Scholarship Fund, created by generous donors and grantors, has made it possible to provide our programs at no or low cost to anyone in need. Our services are offered to anyone in need — regardless of ability to pay, socio-economic status, race or creed.


Our Angel Volunteer program assists not only those who are ill, but serves the elderly, disabled, and anyone suffering a loss.


We currently serve residents in the Pitkin, Garfield, Eagle and Mesa counties of Colorado. Contact us to see what services are available in your area.


We combine patient support, community resources and advocacy with an evidence-based curriculum of coping strategies called, The Seven Pillars of Personal Strength®.


A research study at the Duke Cancer Institute found that participants, who worked with the The Seven Pillars, reported their quality-of-life improved—even in the face of progressing disease. Our Pillar Guides are Master’s level counselors or social workers with additional training in cancer and life-threatening illnesses, palliative and end-of-life counseling, and The Seven Pillars® coping curriculum.


Some of the many Pathfinders services include:

•  One-on-one counseling & skills training;

•  Navigation, advocacy and resource referral

•  Support groups

•  Grief & loss counseling

•  Palliative care and end-of-life planning

•  The Angel Volunteer program

•  The Survivor-to-Survivor program


Almost two decades ago, an inspiring moment and shared vision, brought Kristin MacDermott and Tina Staley together to form a program dedicated to the belief that "no one should have to walk alone through a cancer diagnosis alone.”


Beginning with cancer support groups in Aspen, Kristin and Tina gained vast experience and the intimate knowledge needed to craft the defining partnership and program, Pathfinders — one of the longest standing and successful non-profits in the Roaring Fork Valley.


Pathfinders began with a focus on cancer, but the program has evolved to provide psychosocial support for anyone needing assistance — whether due to a chronic illness, grief, loss, stress, or end-of-life planning.


Though a Colorado non-profit, Pathfinders has helped thousands, not only in the Roaring Fork Valley, but throughout the world under the direction of Kristin and Tina's long-time friend Allison Daley, who is an outstanding, compassionate and dedicated leader, providing a safe place to feel and move towards healing.

Click below to find out more about Pathfinders, and the amazing people behind the scenes.

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