Almost two decades ago, an inspiring moment and shared vision, brought Kristin MacDermott and Tina Staley together to form a program dedicated to the belief that "no one should have to walk alone through a cancer diagnosis alone.”


Beginning with cancer support groups in Aspen, Kristin and Tina gained vast experience and the intimate knowledge needed to craft the defining partnership and program, Pathfinders — one of the longest standing and successful non-profits in the Roaring Fork Valley.


Pathfinders began with a focus on cancer, but the program has evolved to provide psychosocial support for anyone needing assistance — whether due to a chronic illness, grief, loss, stress, or end-of-life planning.


Though a Colorado non-profit, Pathfinders has helped thousands, not only in the Roaring Fork Valley, but throughout the world under the direction of Kristin and Tina's long-time friend Allison Daley, who is an outstanding, compassionate and dedicated leader, providing a safe place to feel and move towards healing.

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