It's about honoring our loved ones, and ourselves ...


2:30-3:20  Session Time

    3:20-3:45 Break*

3:45-4:35  Session Time

    4:35-5:00 Break*

5:00-6:00 Ceremony of Honoring

6:00 Balloon Release

All sessions begin at 2:30pm, and are repeated at 3:45pm. The SIGN UP buttons will direct you to a separate webform to register. Since all sessions run simultaneously, there is a 2-session maximum.


"Art Exploration" for kids & teens (described below) will run from 2:30pm until 4:35pm. If you have children attending, please fill out their names on your registration form.


* Refreshments are provided.


Moving Meditation {50 MINUTES}

      This meditative introduction to transforming grief honors your process, your authentic self, and each other, by allowing a rediscovery of parts of yourself, along with the spirits of departed loved ones. You will be guided on a gentle journey through your loss and into an exploration of grief as an opening to connection. No experience is necessary—only a willingness to be open, to move, and to be curious… together.

Yoga, Meditation & Sound {50 MINUTES}

      In this session, participants can open their hearts and heal through the sacred sounds and vibrations of a deep gong relaxation experience. The frequencies of the gong are thought to be a path to rejuvenation and expansion. This is followed by a meditation specifically designed to generate and send healing energy deep into one’s heart. This session is taught by Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher Himat Singh Dayvault.

Music Therapy {50 MINUTES}

      We all know that music can instantly change the way we feel, but renowned singer-songwriter Mack Bailey opens you to the concept of using music to delve more deeply than you may have experienced thus far. Combining his love of music and his love of helping people—and having completed his Masters in Music Therapy—Mack takes you on an exploration of your heart through experiential song-writing.

Coloring to Hope {50 MINUTES}

      Finding the heart places that are struggling with grief is sometimes best done using the simpliest of methods. By using a technique as basic as coloring, a talented Aspen artist guides you through the process of gently uncovering, healing, and processing some of the painful spaces inside of you.

Art Exploration (kids & teens) {2 HOURS}

      This time is set aside in two separate venues for our kids and teens: one for 12 and under, and another for over 12.

The intention is to allow the space for our younger ones to get together, support one another and channel feelings creatively. The grief of children—unlike most adults—needs outlets that allow them to feel and react outwardly (thereby releasing fear, angst and sadness). While you relax into one or two of our sessions described above, take comfort in knowing that your children are being cared for in a way that works for them.

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